What Our Clients Are Saying

"Unbelievable! A friend suggested I try LSI. Serge and Narina take the time to actually, really sit down with you and go over every scrap of negative impacts on your credit score. They accomplished cleaning up crud that has been on my report for years, dragging down my score. I did not know how, or have the time, to try to do it myself. Not even where to look. They took that anchor and turned it into a shooting rocket! I now qualify to purchase a home. They take the time to explain, counsel and provide excellent advice on staying on top of the 'not very nice' credit world. I can't stress enough how they saved me! I now have hope and confidence and the feeling of a brand new start. Thank you Serge and Narina!"

- Mark Laurin

Serge and his legal team are exceptional. LSI was recommended to my wife and I as we were recovering from the financial challenges of 2009 - 2012. Serge makes smart recommendations and his strategies for repair and rebuilt are effective. I was a bit uncertain on "investing" into this service but I am more than satisfied and pleased with the lifetime warranty and the results. I absolutely recommend this service to those who need to rebuild credit. 


I am so happy I used LSI Credit Solutions. We were trying to buy a house and we couldn't get approved with a few lingering issues on our credit. The mortgage company we were working with highly recommended we use LSI to hit our pre-approval goal. I was skeptical on spending the money for this service but we were out of options so we took the risk. We signed up for the lifetime warranty and it's truly the best investment I've made for my family's future. Serge was wonderful, he was very thorough and upfront about where we stood and what to expect, and I respect someone who doesn't beat around the bush. I have recommended LSI to everyone I know.

- Tifani J.

Serge and his team are wonderful! They’ve done things other companies haven’t been able to accomplish with my credit. Check him out, you won’t be disappointed.
— Rio D.

Outstanding service and results. Serge managed not only to help me with medical collections but to build my credit from 0 to 769. I find Serge’s strategy very effective. If you have low credit, collections or no credit - definitely call him. I can’t even tell you how much easier life gets when you have decent credit. Starting from your insurance premiums, apartment leases, to buying an iPhone on a contract. Wherever you go they look at your credit as an indicator of financial stability and over all responsibility. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Serge!!!
— Anna T.

For all those skeptics out there, I'm sure you're like I was, feeling somewhat helpless and not getting a lot of assurance there are legitimate solutions to move forward. I have to admit that I came to LSI with more hope than actual expectation. I won't blow smoke and say Serge gives you an overnight miracle - that frankly isn't possible. However, what he offers is a well thought out and methodical plan with aggressive execution. He does offer real results that wouldn't be possible on your own no matter how much online reading and effort you put in. I'm not exactly sure what they are but he does have a number of tactics that provide results which exceeded my expectations. Again, don't expect a 750 score overnight but if you take ownership of your situation and allow for a little time and a lot of Serge's hard work, you can get there much sooner than on your own. He is also very responsive and keeps you from feeling in the dark along the way. I couldn't have asked for more. 

- Jackson B.